10 APRIL 1920, Page 1

The tendency seems to be the other way—to underrate what

is happening in Ireland, and to accept it all as a matter of course just because it is the kind of thing that does happen in Ireland. " I have always been a Home Ruler," Lord French went on, " and have become still more so since I have been here. I totally disagree with Dublin Castle methods. One cannot spend £20 without having Whitehall's permission. But I have had splendid support from Mr. Lloyd George and Mr. Bonar Law. That I must say." Lord French then described Sinn Fein as a reign of terror. " The best brains in Ireland are behind the movement." He said that a Sinn Fein army numbering 100,000 men had been raised, was properly organized in regiments and brigades, and was controlled by disciplined officers. Lord French next spoke of the Sinn Fein funds. " We have their bank books and know how they get their money. They have three treasurers. Two 'of them are famous men."