10 APRIL 1920, Page 11

[To THE Emma or THE " Sezersrea."] Sra,—" A rose

by any other name will smell as sweet." It is high time that theUnionist members of the Government realized this and gave their body a new cognomen. They have now betrayed us unfortunate Unionists in the South and Weet of Ireland; we.are shelved by the Northmen, and brushed one side, as of no account, by the Government of England. What crime have we committed ? We have supported law and order, we have given to England of our best, our blood and our money; we are now cast aside as being of no farther use. God help us. My father was foully murdered, my brother gave his life to his country in the Great War. I am the last of my kin in this oountry, and I am to be sacrificed on the altar of expediency by a strong Government, largely composed of " so-called Unionists." Few indeed of the loyalists in England realize the position over here, started by Asquith and the joker Birrell, who manned Dublin. Castle with their protigis who were responsible for Easter week,. to a large extent, and are now, and have been, a clog on all efforts made by the present Govern- ment to cheek and stop this simmering rebellion. These people have blinded and hoodwinked the present Government into attempting to pass this monstrously unjust measure of Home Rule. Unless loyal England awakes now and saves us we are doomed for all time.—I am, Sir, ho., A LOYAL SOUTHERN IRISHMAN.