10 APRIL 1920, Page 2

It is now known to be a fact that the

Emir Feiaul, son of the King of the Hedjaz, was recently proclaimed as King of Syria by a Congress of Syrians at Damascus. The Congress- declared the independence of Syria—apparently including Palestine—and nominated the Emir' brother as King or ruler of Mesopotamia. The Emir has informed the Allies that he accepted the kingship in order to control the-agitation fomented by Turks from Cilicia. The people of the Lebanon have made a strong protest against the action of the Syrian Congress, which was presumably actuated by dislike of the French. The affair illustrates once again the gravity of the blunder made by the Allies in deferring the settlement of the Near East. Eighteen months ago the Turks would have submitted passively to any terms. Delay has encouraged them to resume their old policy of intrigue and massacre.