10 APRIL 1920, Page 2

Mr. Hoover, whom we know as the skilful and untiring

distributor of American food in starving Belgium and Eastern Europe, has announced his willingness to accept nomination as the Republican candidate in the Presidential Election. The Democratic Party was said to regard him as a possible candidate, in view of his personal popularity, his good work in official or semi-official posts under the existing Administration, and his resolute advocacy of the League of Nations. In the Republican camp Mr. Hoover seems to be viewed with some suspicion. He intends to stand at the primary elections in California this month as a possible candidate against Senator Johnson, the leader of that section of the Republican Party which is opposed to any participation in a League of Nations. It will be interesting to see whether the Republicans of California prefer'Mr. Hoover to their own Senator. In the New York primaries both Mr.

Hoover and Senator Johnson have been defeated. •