10 APRIL 1920, Page 2

President Wilson, in reply to the Allies, has declined to

take part in the work of framing the Turkish Peace Treaty. He has, nevertheless, expressed a strong objection to the proposal to leave the Sultan at Constantinople. " The often expressed intention of the Allies that the anomaly of the Turks in Europe should cease " ought, he says, to be carried out. Most of us share that opinion. Our only regret is that President Wilson will not use his great influence to thwart the Turoophile intriguers who have unhappily forced the hand of the Prime Minister, and who are even more potent in Rome and Paris than they are in London. A resolute denunciation from Washington of these mischief-makers would have cleared the air, and encouraged Mr. Lloyd George to adhere to his original policy of driving the Turks, " bag and baggage," out of Europe.