10 APRIL 1920, Page 2

The Prime Minister, replying last week to a protest by

the Lord Mayor of Dublin against the arrest of Sinn Fein Councillors, pointed out that the Executive had to inflict inconvenience on the community in their efforts to suppress the Sinn Fein cam- paign of murder. He expressed the belief that Sum Fein was trying by these outrages to make a reasonable settlement impossible. The Home Rule Bill gave Ireland a chance of attaining unity and peace. But the Sinn Fein policy depended on violence. It could never lead to the unity of Ireland, nor could it result in an Irish Republic. At most it would condemn Ireland to prolonged terrorism and distress. The Prime Minister invited the Lord Mayor to suggest means by which moderate men might be helped to withstand the intimidation practised by the Sinn Fein assassins.