10 APRIL 1920, Page 2

The Supreme Council of the Allies has offered a mandate

for Armenia to the League of Nations, as it has abandoned all hope of America's undertaking the task. The mandate, it is under- stood, covers the independent Armenian Republics of Erivan, formerly part of Russian Caucasus, and the adjoining Amenian territories, formely Turkish, with a Black Sea port which will, presumably, be Trebizond. Such a mandate will be no sinecure, and will involve the employment of an armed force to establish and maintain orcler. But the League of Nations is much more likely to thrive if it is given something definite to do than if it is regarded as a mere combination of a bureau and a debating society. We cannot help thinking that somehow or other America will assist the League, as the embodiment of an. American idea, in restoring civilization in the distressed country for which American missions have done so much. In the meantime further Armenian massacres have occurred in Anatolia and Mehl, where the French authorities appear to be short of troops.