10 APRIL 1920, Page 23

Poems Worrire or CowsrDERATION.—The Clown of Paradise. By Dormer Creston.

(Heath Cranton. 3s. net.)—A very promising book of verse.—The Happy Bride. By F. Tennyson Jesse. (Heinemann 6s. net.)—The Epic of Semiramis, Queen of Babylon. By Rowbotham. (W. and G. Foyle. 3& ed. net.)—A thoroughly good story.—Flowers in the Grass. By Maurice Hewlett. (Constable. 5s. net )—Mr. Hewlett's know- ledge of love is excessively restricted, and he is capable of rhyming " some is " with " promise." With these reservations, his book is attractive.