10 APRIL 1936, Page 21


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR].

SIR,—It was with regret that one learnt from a delightful article in your issue of March 27th that marriage tanking has fallen under the Nazi axe. It had seemed that the ancient Teutonic custom of advertising for a mate would survive

modern changes. The following announcement, :one had hoped, would not be an isolated instance:

"My Leader wishes me to marry. I therefore seek a Protestant, ,purely Aryan girl, blonde, slim and possessed of private means."

Could "Nordic ideology" and a sense of financial realities be more happily, -if naïvely; combined ? It may be that the marriage broker has in the past not stimulated the -birth

rate as actively as National Socialists may have expected or desired., but does he not deserve a reprieve, if only to enliven a humourless world ?—Yours very truly, The Queen's College, Oxford. "WALTER EITINGHAUSEN.