10 APRIL 1936, Page 3

Propaganda Abroad Berlin messages speak of a sharp conflict between

Dr. Schacht and Dr. Goebbels over the cuts the former has insisted on making in the estimates of the Propaganda Ministry, particularly in respect of its expenditure in foreign countries. That, of course, is what matters to Dr. Schacht, for it involves a drain on that foreign currency which Germany husbands so studiously. The quarrel, if there- is one, between the two Ministers is their own concern, but the reference to the Propaganda Ministry's expenditure abroad is of some moment. Certain forms of what may be termed " propaganda " in other countries are legitimate enough. The British Foreign Office main- tains in New York a British Library of Information, a most nseful institution, which is precisely what its name implies. But there is all the difference in the world between:-working above the surface and working below it, and there has always been a good deal of the subterranean in Dr. Goebbels' activities. The reminder that those activities are prosecuted in other countries than Germany, this country among them, is not inopportune.