10 APRIL 1964, Page 12

Who Done It?

It is always pleasant to let a minority opinion be heard, on this question of literary provenance or any other. So I reproduce a piece of elucida- tion offered to me by 'a Conservative':

Mr. Enoch Powell's fanatical steely eye

Is truly representative of his latest clarion cry. He loves to stick his jaw out, and draw upon his sword To die a martyr's death, and do battle with a Lord.

But his character to date would hardly be synonymous

With signing 'A Conservative' to articles anony- mous.

If I were prone to speculate, without much fear of Doom l'd guess it was Sir William Haley's latest nom de plume. The flaw in this, I think, is that in view of its recent history it is difficult to imagine the editor of The Times describing himself as `A Conservative.'