10 APRIL 1964, Page 19

SOUTH BANK RELIGION SIR,--1 am sorry to hear that the

'meagre and puerile' teaching of those who look to history to validate the Faith does more harm than Dr. Barnes and the Bishop of Woolwich ever did or does. If this is so we must allow that St. Paul did more harm still, for he was more convincing. The Apostle confidently appeals to evidence contemporary and historical to confirm his converts' faith. He adds the reflection that if Christ is not raised he and they had been wasting their time.

I am aware that it is of little value to believe that Jesus arose in Joseph's garden unless he is also arisen in a man's heart, but unless he is risen he could not rise in a single heart.

Had not Christ been preached by men who were ready and glad to stake their all on the fact of the resurrection--the fact that was and is the Gospel—I doubt if any of us would even have heard of Jesus,

Withq Vicarage, Gotta:ming, Surrey '