10 APRIL 1964, Page 20


SIR,—On page 345 of the Spectator an advertisement appeared in which Notley Advertising Ltd. publicised their services. In the course of this they referred to the Advertising Standards Authority's report, which described its investigation of about 100 complaints concerning the nature of certain advertisements.

Notley said, 'In every case (bar one) the complaints were settled to the satisfaction.of all concerned.' The one advertiser who refused to co-operate found all media barred his advertising.

I made a complaint to the Authority about a mis- leading advertisement and it was not settled to on), satisfaction. it continues to appear. It follows, there- fore. that Notley's advertisement is misleading in that the statement quoted in italics above is not accurate. Or was it that the ASA report itself was inaccurate?

Perhaps 1 should complain to the Advertising Standards Authority about this misleading advertise- ment. If 1 do, I wonder in what manner my complaint will he recorded in next year's statistics.