10 APRIL 1964, Page 20


SIR,—Leslie Adrian's tragi-comic report about a householder's travail in seeking guidance about a new water heating system is repeated each day in every part of the country.

As the Managing Director of a company producing domestic heating appliances for all four fields, I am acutely conscious of the need for a genuinely inde- pendent and impartial domestic heating council which could provide Mr. Adrian's householder with the pertinent information he really needs. The need for a council of this character is more apparent as domestic appliances—particularly in the heating and allied fields—become increasingly sophisticated in design and operation. Indeed, the most intelligent layman is generally unable to comprehend the par- ticular advantages of say, comparable central heating systems when so many complex facets have to be considered, i.e. design of system, output required, capital costs, maintenance running costs, availability of fuel etc. And this problem repeats itself in all sections of the domestic heating industry.

Unfortunately, whilst many people recognise the need for such a council no one within the industry who is in a position to take the initiative seems pre- pared to do so. Clearly no individual manufacturer can do this because his bona fides would be im- mediately and rightfully suspect. Unless, therefore, the public is to continue to suffer the frustrations of Mr. Adrian's householder, an initiative must be forthcoming at the professional and consumer organisation level. Who now will take up this chal- lenge?

MICHAEL 1. MONTAGUE 22 De Walden Street, W1