10 AUGUST 1872, Page 1

It is announced officially that the Emperors of Russia and

Austria are about to pay a visit to the Emperor of Germany at Berlin. The Czar will be accompanied by his heir and Prince Gortschakoff, and the Emperor of Austria by his Chancellor and Count Andrassy. It is obvious, therefore, that business is intended, and we have speculated elsewhere of what kind it is likely to be. "The official mot d'ordre is to say that the meeting will secure peace, but it certainly as yet has only secured trepidation. France is afraid lest she should lose her chance of revendicating Lorraine and Alsace ; the Ultramontanes are afraid lest the three Sovereigns should combine to resist the Pontiff ; and the Slays of the East. who are always dreaming, are afraid lest they should awake. It is most probable that the official result of the meeting will be an announcement that an entente cordiale exists between the three great Powers.