10 AUGUST 1872, Page 2

Senator Schurz, the able German who would be President, only

a President must be a born American, has asked Mr. Greeley to state distinctly his plan of Civil Service Reform. Mr. Greeley, in a very clear reply, says that his only plan is to abolish the practice of continuous re-election, because then the President, being no longer an aspirant for place, will " naturally aim to secure the approbation of the eminently wise and good." Yes, if he is wise and good, but suppose he is neither. Mr. Greeley seems to forget that to insist on a single term as the limit of office is to abolish all direct motive for pleasing the people. Suppose Mr. Lincoln is elected, he will disregard political claims, seek out the " eminently wise and good," and give them all the prominent berths ; but suppose James Fisk is elected ! Will not his limited term be an additional temptation to make a fortune, enrich his friends, and fill the office with all the scamps who can be useful to him when he goes out of power ? Or, which is much wiser, suppose an average man is selected, with a good deal of ambition and some vanity, will it not be his first temptation to " make his mark" in American history by some act much more likely to be a striking than to be a wise or beneficial one ?