10 AUGUST 1872, Page 2

The Irish Liberal Members were determined to continue the debate

on the Galway Judgment, and they did continue it on Thursday without the smallest result, good or bad, to any mortal. Mr. Butt's motion was, of course, rejected by 123 to 26 ; the Government persisted in its timid silence, and there were no new facts to be added. The only new feature in the discussion was the utterance of an opinion by Mr. 0. Morgan, a lawyer, and so strongly anti-Papal that he objects to Government sending an Envoy to the Vatican, that the Judgment was in tone a partisan tirade, and not " the calm deliverance of a judge." Some priests had been guilty of intimidation, but Mr. Trench was as little entitled to the seat as Captain Nolan. That is, we imagine, exactly what Government thinks and does not venture to say, and in not saying it, seems to us wanting in respect for a considerable section of the population.