10 AUGUST 1872, Page 25


Dykes (J. 0.), The Beatitudes of the Kingdom, 12mo Ferrier (Miss), Marriage, 12mo.—The Inheritance, 12mo Foreign Office List, 1872, 8vo Fowle (E.), Plain Preaching to Poor People, 4th series, 18mo

Gelid° (C.), Light from Beyond, 12mo Hibbard (S.), The Seaweed Collector, crown 8vo

Hiles (H.), Harmony of Sound, 8vo Holdsworth (W. A.), The Ballot Act, 1872, with Explanatory Notes...( ut edge

Jenkinson's Practical Guide to English Lake District (Stanford) Lynch (r. T.), letters to the Scattered, and other Papers, crown 8vo (Straiten) Maurice (Lieut. F.), System of Field Manteneres, crown 8vo ...(W. Blackwood) Merrifield (.1.), Magnetism and Deviation of Compass, 18mo ...... (Longmans) Novello's Operas— Wagner's Lohengrin, royal 8vo, Hewed, 2s 6d; cloth (Novelle) Poor (11. 0.) Manual of the Railroads of the United States, 5th Series (S. Low) 24/0

Proby (W. H. B.), Stories about the Great King, 18mo (Hayes) 5/6

Ralph Harding's Success, 18mo (IL T. S.) 1/0

Meade (C.), Hard Cash, 12mo (Ward & Lock) 2/6

Reade (Her. C.). Golden Crowns, 18mo (Osssea 3/0

Richardson (W. R.), From London Bridge to Lombardy, cheap ed, aro (Low) 2/6 8/0


2/6 2/6 2/1 3/0 2/0 No 1/1 2/4 3/6 8/6 1.1

6//0 9/0 6/0 1/6 4(0

Alford's (Dean), Book of Genesis, with References, &c., 8vo, cloth ...(Strahan) 12/0 Barry (W. W.), Forms and Precedents in Conveyancing (Simpkin & Co.) 21,9 Blackie (.T. S.), Songs of the Highlands and Islands, 12mo (Straban) 6/0 Boner (11.), The Song of the New Creation, and other Pieces, 32mo ...(Nisbet) 1/6 Book of Modem Irish Anecdote, edited by P. Kennedy, 12mo (Routledge) 1/0 Burvenich (C.) English and French Conversations, 12mo (SimpkIn & Co.) 2/0 Cauntera (Rev. H.),Romence of History,—India, cr 8vo, cloth (Warne) Coquerel (Pasteur A.), Four Sermons, 12mo, cloth (Longman) David's Vision, showing David's Prophecy of Christ, cr 8vo (Nisbet)

Domestic World (The), by Author of "Enquire Within," or 8vo el (Hamilton)

Domville (E. J.), Manual for Hospital Nuoies, cr 8vo (Churchill) (Nisbet) (Routledge) each (Harrison) (SkellIngton) (Sirahen) (Groomhridge) Sim kin)

Robinson (F. W.), Wrayford Ward, 8 vole cr 8vo (Hurst & Blacken) 81/6

Stanley (H. M.), The Finding of Dr. Livingstone, cr 8vo (Rotten) 1/0

Stevenson (G. J.), Oily Road Chapel, 8vo (G. J. Stevenson) 12/0 Taunt (H. W.), New Map of the Thames from Oxford to London, 8vo (Rotten) 10/6

Tinsley 's Magazine, vol 10, five (Tinsley) 8/0

Tourist's French Pronouncing Handbook, 32m13 (Routledge) 1/0 Williams (W.), Veterinary Surgery, 8vo (Ilaciachlan) 80/0

Wolff (Minna), Poems for my Little Friends, cr 8vo (Kite) 8/0

Yates (E.), A Waiting Race, a novel, 3 vole or 8vo (Tinsley) 81/6