10 DECEMBER 1842, Page 18


Arrived—At Gravesend. Dec. 7th. Carnatic, Cunningham, from China.

In the Channel, Ditto. Chusan, Laird, from China; Calcutta; and Iris. Linton. from Ceylon. At Cowes, 3d DiVo. John Graham. Pearson, from Ceylon. At Liverpool, 6th Ditto, John Christian, Witlayeombe, from China: sad Ws"'

Marquis of Bute. LIMA from sconay, from Bombay ; 7th, Lord Althorp. Whiteside. from Calcutta; and 9th. Alter- toe,--, from Ditto. At Bombay. previous to Nov. 1st. Tyree, Resumer ; John Knox. Cleland; and Coro- modal. Harwood, from London ; Stirlingshire. Davidson; and Caledonia. Robinson, from Liverpool ; Salisbury, Cuthbertson ; Ann Martin. Blair; and Eucles, Helder, from the Clyde. At Ceylon. Oct. 5th. Marchioness Breadalbaue, Doig, from Loudon; aud St. Mango. Lamont, front the Clyde.

At Madras. Oct. 7th. Emerald. Trevellick. from Liverpool.

At Calcutta, previous to 19th Oct. Madagascar, Weller ; Symmetry. Watson; Queen of England, Hookey ; Seringapatam. Hopkins; Bucephalus. Bell; Nurthumberlaud, Warner; and Essex. Brewer, from London; Athena. White; Blorenge, Banks; and Fairfield, Hughes. from Liverpool ; and Kyle. Fletcher. from the Clyde. Al Singapore. 26th Aug Osprey. Kirk, from LiverpooL At Macao.15th Sept. Akbar. from London; and 16th Pink. 51•Intoeh; from ditto. Sailed-From Gravesend. 6th Dec. Sappho. Dunlop. for Hong-Kong. From Liverpool. 6th Dec. Crown, Fletcher, for Bombay ; and 8th Charles Jones, Wirer. for Canton. The Belvidere, Stephenson, has been destroyed by fire at Singapore. The Jessie. has been consumed at Culeutta. The Christina, Birkett, was wrecked in the China Seas, on the 1st July. The Clifford, Sharp. from New Zealand to Singapore. was wrecked in Torres Straits. 16th Aug.; crew saved. The Chatham, Sergeant, from London to Sydney, was wrecked near Figneira, 26th of November; two passengers and three of the crew were drowned.


Arrived-Off Torbay, Restated, Salmon, from Ceylon. Off Scilly. Glen Huutly. Clelan. from Calcutta.