10 DECEMBER 1842, Page 19

COMMERCIAL - GAZETTE. Tuesday, Dec. 6.


Dyer and Pullman. Coleman Street-R. and W. Harrell, Middleton. Essex. millers -Richardson aud James, Welbeck Street, booksellers-Tyler and Chardin. Old Bond Sweet, perfumers-Wilson and Lensdale. Liverpool. engineers-Brightman and Co. Inealrard Street Chambers. merchants-H. and E. Channel', Southampton. wine mer- chauts-Preedy and Harvey. Weymouth. importers of cigars-I. and W. Cunnington, Great Stukeley, Huntingdonshire, farmers - Barnsd all and Hawksley, Nottingham, coal merchauts-Wadeson and Stamford. Kingston-upon-Hull, joiners-Thornley and Mason, New Mills. Derbyshire. cotton waste-dealers-Hiatt and Measam. Newiugtou Butts. seap•makers-Phipps and Co. Rio de Janeiro ; as far as regards 1. Carlisle - Crabtree and Co. Peruambuco. commission-merchants ; as far as regards 0. G. Adam - son - Gester and Cox, East Woodhay. Southampton, brick-burners-Hamblin and II liogsvotth, Birmingham, chemists-Clare. and Browne. Warrington. Laucashite, glass- manufacturers-Sissison and Grant, Hull. carriers - Stephenson and Co. Newcastle- upon- Tyne, engine-manulacturers; as far as regards M. Longridge-Hayworth. aud Co. Liverpool, commission-agents -Bostuck and Sons. Stafford, horse shoe- manufac- turers; as far as regards E. Bostock.


ARCHER. Lures Liverpool, wine-merchant, to surrender Dec. 16. Jan. 27; solicitor, Mr. Brotherton. Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool. Blame, SAMUEL, Brightou, hatter. Dec. 13. Jan. 17: solicitors, Messrs. Horwood and Griffin, Austiufriars; official assignee. Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane. BranunrrnAL, 'mom Thornton Street. Dockhead, stationer, Dec. 9. Jan. 11: soli- citor. Mr. Jones, Sise Lane; official assignee. Mr. Lackington, Coleman St. Buildings. Boss. SAMUEL. Frith Street tailor, Dec. 14, Jan 25; solicitor. Mr. Stafford, Bucking- ham Street. Strand; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basioghall Street. DAVIS. EDWARD. Great Crosby. Lancashire. blacksmith, Dec. 21. Jan. 19 : solicitor, Mr. Crass, Liverpool ; official assignee. Mr. Turoer. Liverpool. Dams, Jong, Wellington. Shropshire. plumber, Dec. 14. Jan. 17: solicitor, Mr. Bradley. Wellington; official assignee. Mr. Christie, Birmingham. ELLurrox, HENRY TS/MILSTEIN, Leamington Priors, music-seller. Dec. 21, Jan. 11: so- licitors, Messrs. Russell, Leamington; official assignee, Mr. Valpy, Birmingham. EVANS, TiloMAS. Denbigh. scrivener, Dec. 21, Feb. 1 : solicitor, Mr. Deane, Liver- pool; official assignee, Mr. Follett. Liverpool. firtmert. JAMES Lymiugton. innkeeper. Dec. 19. Jan. 16 : solicitors, Messrs. Foster and Co. John Street, Bedford Row; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basiughall Street. HOARE, WILLIAM, Alstonefield, Staffordshire ,apathecary, Dec. 16, Jan.13: solicitor, Mr. Smith, Derby; official assignee. Mr. Valpy, Birmingham. If ramie, James, Pershure, Worcestershire, woolstapler, Dec. 14. Jan. 13: offi- cial assignee, Mr. Christe, Birmingham; Oldaker and Co.. Pershore. PORTWAY, GEORGE.Birmingham, metal-refiner, Dec. 15. Jan. 12 : solicitor, Mr. Reece, Birmingham • official assignee, Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham. ROSINSoN, Joust BULvols and WILLrAm. Macclesfield. ironmougers. Dec. 17, Jan. 19: solicitors, Mr. Cole, Adelphi Terrace ; Mr. Proctor. Macclesfield; official assignee. Mr. Fraser. Manchester. RYLAND, WILLIAM. Liverpool. tanner, Dec. 15. Jan. 24 : solicitors, Messrs. Brabuer and Atkins n, Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Bird, Liverpool. Sesecs, THOMAS. Stratford, market gardener, Dec. 13. Jan. 17 : solicitor, Mr. Bed • man, Queen Street Chambers, Cheapside ; official assignee. Mr. Fennel. Basingliall St. WALTHEW, Census WILLIAM. Poultry. chemist, Dec. 15. Jan. 16: solicitor, Mr. Henderson, Mattson Street; official assignee, Mr. Graham. Basingliall Street. WHITEHSLL, JoHN. Wellington, Shropshire, innkeeper. Dec. 14. Jan. 17: solicitor, Mr. Garbett. Wellington; official asignee. Mr. Valpy, Birmingham. tunics, JACOB. Trots-bride. clothier. Dec. 23, Jan. 20: solicitor. Mr. Brent, Trow- bridge; official assignee, Mr. Acraman, BrietoL WuRBOYB. Groans BADDELEY. Bristol perfumer. Dec. 12, Jan. 17: solicitor, Mr. Minton, Bristol; official assignee, Mr. Hutton, Bristol.


Dec- 27. A. and C. Duncan, Tokenbouee Yard. merchants--Dec. 28. Burrell, Ching- ford, farmer-Dec. 29. J. and T. Metcalfe, Cambridge, epholsterers -Dec. 29, Brad- shaw and Williams, Maryleboue Street, woullendrapers-Dec. 31. Hudgson, Saud- wich, banker-Dec. 29, Moses. Hawses, Street. jeweller-Dec. 29. Farris, East Street, Manchester Square. baker-Dec. 29, 'Morris. Newbridge. Glamorganshire. grocer- Dec. 29. Myers, Sunderland, victualler-Dec. 30. Cartwright, Great Bolton. ironmon- ger - Dec. 29. Hoskins, Lit erpool, victualler-Dec. 29, Heaword senior, Liverpool. cuticle spinner - Jan. 3, .1.audT. Hill, Peterborough, merchants-Jan. 2. Ellam junior, Birmingham, patent cock-founder-Dec. 28. Hardie, Manchester, merchant-Dec. 27. Gough. Strand, patent aget.t. scarce SEQUESTRATIONS. CARSWELL, WILLIAM hither, and YOUNGER. Tuueas. Glasgow, wrights. Dec. 9, 30. Folio, DAVID, Row, Perthshire, Dec. 14. Jau. 10. BILL, EDWARD, Amara. writer. Dec. 12, Jan. 6. JOHNSTON, MAGNUS. Sweeney, Orkney. Dec. 14, Jan. 9. Mateo's, GEORGE, Glasgow. wine-merchant, Dec. 10, 30. Scorn and Co. Hawick, millwrights, Dec. 10, 30.

Friday, Dec. 9.



Lane and Wilson-T. and W. StriNpling.I Lichfield, watch makers-Baker and Win- dle, Wortley, timber-merchants-Watson aud Wix, Wiuchester Buildings, attornies- Pithily aud Hall. Penton Square, schicitors-Heathcott and Linley, Sheffield, mauu- lecturers of miners' Gals-Evart ands pedding, Queeu Street, Cheapside. siuc- workers -Sellers and Blomley, Rochdale. attormes-Buchanan and Tap, en, Hastings, hair- dressers-Fns and Homer, Sheffield, eugiueers-Hinuell and Witten, Bury St.. Ed- munds, alturnies-Kershaw and Co, Smalaud, coal-miners; ; as far as regards Jack- son-Barnes and Chautler. Elton Fold. bleachers-Wright and Partridge. Bordesiey, surgeons-T, and W. Dickius, Daventry, whip manufacturers-A. and W. Dove. Turk- trimmer:gen-Gummy aud Carr, Sheffield, ivory-cutlers-Courts and Ardley. Witham, cerpeuters-T. C. and P. R. Jackson, Little Bolton, engineers-Reid and Breaken- ridge, Liverpool, tailors-Kershaw aud Co. Spolland, ceal-miners; as far as regards J. and M. Stott-Vickers and Co. Tooley Street. slue-merchants; as far as regards

Vickers -Field and Dunne, Conduit Street. dress-makers. DECLARATIONS Or INSOLVENCY UNDER THE NEW ACT.

BARMIER. WILLIAM YENTINAT, Great Green Street, Kentish Town, plumber.

Brussels, WILLIAM HENRY. Greenwich Road, journey man baker. MOLDING. Joint Sheffield. tile-hardener. CAIN. Gomm, Milton. Kent. victualler.

Canes. JAMES. Halsted. Essex, attorney's clerk. DAyree. FREDERICK. Newport. Monmouthshire, labourer.


FLETCHER, JAMES, Helene. Lancashire, grocer. FRANKLAND. Joust. Skelmanthorpe. Yorkshire, glazier. GERMAIN, GEORGE FRANCIS. Bath, working-jeweller.

Grummet. James. Bodden. Somersetshire, bailiff. HALL. THOMAS. Clare Court, Drury Lane. fishmonger.

HAMELIN. WILLULM, Queen's Road, Bayswater. commission agent.

HAWKER, RICHARD junior. York, coach-proprietor.

Hon-ON. Amos. Sheffield, butcher. HUGHES. JANE, King Street. HOlhOrli. JONES. 'Noose. Basing Place. Waterloo Emu], clerk.

Jowerr, JoSEPH. Clayton. Yorkshire. worsted stuff-manufacturer.

LANGLEY. EDWARD, Eatou Place. Grosvenor Square, carver. Lewitt. RIN, Leicester, traveller. Lowe. Joins. Cheltenham, carpenter.

MARTIN, WILLIAM, Chatham. excavator. STEVENS. THOMAS, Grays. Essex. brickmaker. &sae°. DANIEL. Winchester, whitesmith.

WArmoteru. Jong. Tuxford Nottiugliamsliire, butcher.

WEENIER. WILLIAM. Millen. Kant. painter,

WILLIAMS. JARED, Bangor. Caruarvor.shire, saddler.

WILLIAMS. DANIEL. Manchester, cap-manufacturer. WILLIAMSON. WALTER. Leicester, tea-dealer.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HENRY, Porter Row, Newington, beer-shopkeeper.

Wnuaa. Euweato, Cheltenham, tailor. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. THOSIAS, STEPHEN, York, victualler. BADIKatrprs.

JOSHUA. Gaimborough. victualler, to surrender Dec. 19, Jan. 19: soli- citor. Mr. Plaskett, Gainsburough ; official assignee, Mr. Hope. Leeds. BELL. WILLIAM Bridlington. merchant. Dec. 23. Jan. 17: solicitors. Mr. Tows.. Lawrence Pottutuey Lane; Mr. Mather. Newcastle upon Tyne; and Mr Wetwau, Rridliugton ; official assignee. Mr. Hope, Leeds. Boast.sw. Jowl. King's Lsun, stationer. Dec. 19, Jan. 13: solicitor, Mr. Wlken. Clement's Lane. Lombard Street; official assignee. Mr. Green. Aldermanbury.

BLATCHFORD, PETER. Plymouth. miller, Dec. 20, Jan. 10: solicitors, Mr Harris,

Lincoln's Inn; Mr. Stogden. Exeter; aud Mr. Kelly, Plymouth; official assignee, Mr.

Hirtael. Exeter. Davies. JOHN. and EDWARDS Hersey. Westminster Road. linendropers, Dec. 22.

Jan. 25; solicitor, Mr. Ashurst Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Lackiugtun, Coleman Street Buildings.

Ilial Sty, THolIAll. Liverpool. hatter. Dec. 19, Jan.10 : solicitor. Mr. Grocott, Liver-

pool; official assignee, Mr. Bird. Liverpool. JANL.N, RoBERT CHEsHIRE, Liverpool. merchant, Dec. 16. Jan. 11 : solicitor, Mr. Johnson, St. Helen's. Lancashire; official assignee. Mr. Follett. Liverpool. OMELET, EDMUND, and Wigs. Joust Poole, cuendealets, Dec. 21, Jan. 13: solicitors, Mr. Bishop, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane; and Mr. Moore, Wonborne, Dorsetaltire; official assignee, Mr. Green. Aldermanbury.

POWELL. EDMUND PETER, Southampton, tailor. Dec. 16, Jan. 20: solicitors. Mr.

Walker, Southampton Street, Bloomsbury; and Mears. Deacon and Long, Southamp- ton; official assignee, Mr. Belcher. King's Arms Yard.

u Cane. RICHARD Rau, East Redford. coachmaker. Dec. 19, Jan. 19: solicitor, Mr.

Vollans, East Retford ; official assignee. Mr. Hope, Leeds. WADE, ISRAEL. Manchester. grocer. DEC. 15. Jail. l6: solicitor, Mr. Dearden Man cheater;; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester.

DIVIDENDS. Jan. 2, Marcia. Barton-upon-Humber. banker.-Jan. 2, Grant, Gloucester Street.

Bloomsbury. bottle stout merchant-Jan. 11. J. and G. Lockwood, Wakefield, linen-

drapers-Dec. 31, Baleen and Co., Berwick up n-Tweed, bankers. CERTIFICATES.

Dec. 30. Richardsou.'King Street. Covent Garden. wine-merchant-Dec. 30. Land

J. Deoniss, Tooley Street. littendrapers- Dee. 30. Watford. Great Winchester Street,

merchant-Dec. 30. Gotland. Cambridge.. linendraper -Dec. 30. Orley. St. James's Street, milliner-Jan. 2, Jacques. Leeds, flax-spinner-Jan. 4, MennelL Leeds. cloth-

merchant-Jan. 3, Cator, Leeds. wool-merchant--Jae 3, Johnson. Wood Street, riband-

manufacturer-Jan. 3, Duffell. Bow Common, tar-diMiller - Dec. 30. W. and C. Ridge. Chichester, hankers-Dec. 30. Troaghtoo. St. Michael's Alley. Combat. merchant -

Dec. 31, Bambara. Stretford. oxalic acid-manufacturer-Jan. 4, Goddard, Wood Street.

fringe-maker-Jan. 2, Hargraves, Manchester tailor-Dec. 31, Batson and Co. Her- wick-upon.Tweed, bankers-Jan. 4. Paine. New Wiudsor. victualler-Jan. 6. Dunn. Southampton. merchant-Jan. 6, Ward. Charlotte Terrace, New Cut, shoe-manufac-

turer-Jan. 6. Allen, Much Wymondley, Hertfordshire, cattle dealer -Jan. 6. Collin-.

son, Oxford Street, upholsterer-Jan, 6, Thompson. Wood Street. warehouseman -Dec.

30. Dudley. Loudon Terrace. Hackney Road, chemist-Jan. 12. Protheroe, Bristol. iron-merchant-Dec. 40, Gifford, Mark Lane. wine.merchaut -Dec. 30, Stephenson.

Manchester, coach-maker-Jan. 3, Russell. Manchester, merchant-Jan 3. Willett. Manchester. commission-agent-Jan 2. Alexander, Wolverhampton. chemist-Jan 3, Ftddian. Birmingham, architect-Dec. 31. Hampson, Liverpool, broker-Jan. 2, Allen, Macclesfield, silkman-Jau. 2, Biggs. Manchester. commissionagent. sEcriEsTHATIONS. KILGOUR, ALEXANDER JAMES, Dundee. china-dealer. Dec. 17, Jau. 4. Lauren, Roemer. Jedburgh. brewer, Dec. 15 Jan. 5. Morrow, JAMES. and MACFARLANE, GEORGE. Glasgow, merchants, Dec. 15, Jan.& . Scum JAMES, Leshmahagow. grocer. Dec. 14, Jan. 4. Toe, MATHEW. Prestoapans. brick-maker. Dec. 14, Jan.4. WILSON. JAMES Hoofs, Dundee, &slier. Dec. 15, Jan. 10.