10 DECEMBER 1842, Page 19


OrVcs os OanstAmce, Dec. S.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-Sec. Capt. W. R. Ned- ham to he Adjt. vice Somerville. promoted ; Sec. Lieut. E. A. Williams to be First Lieut. vice Balfour, dec. AINIIRALTY. Nov. 25.-Corps of Royal Marines-Sec. Lieut. F. J. Polkinghorne to be FirstLient. vice W. L. S. Atcherley. deceased. OFFICE or ORDNANCE. Dec. 6.-Royal Heist of Artillery-Second-Capt. W. L. Kaye to be Capt. vice Drewe. retired on full pay; First-Lieut. P. Ellis to be Second- Capt. vice Kaye ; Second-Lieut. H. W. Patton to be First-Lieut. vice Ellie. nt

Memorande-The date of promotion of First-Lieut. Edward Arthur Williams is altered to the 26th November 18 r2.