10 DECEMBER 1842, Page 2

The insurrection at Barcelona is not yet closed ; and

at the time of the latest accounts, the Regent and the insurgents were still threatening each other. There is something very curious in the secondary symptoms of the disorder : the first Junta has been dis- solved, and another, composed apparently of more moderate and responsible persons, has taken place ; several of the prime movers in the revolt have fled ; others who had left the place on the break- ing out of the insurrection have returned ; yet still the Regent is defied. There is an almost incredible report that the Christino rebel O'DONNEL had arrived in a French steamer. It is said that Barcelona arrogates to itself great merit for having originated the revolution that expelled CHRISTINA, and it expects unusual defer- ence from her successor in the Regency. It seems determined to exasperate and justify ESPARTERO'S meditated severities.