10 DECEMBER 1842, Page 2

Zbe eourt.

ACCORDING to the expectation, the Court returned to Windsor on Saturday. The Queen and Prince Albert, with the infants and the suite, left Walmer Castle in three close carriages and four, at a quarter past seven in the morning, under a royal salute from the war-ship Thunderer, in Deal roads. The earliness of the Queen's movements took the good folks of Canterbury somewhat by surprise ; but they poured into the streets as the cortege drew up before the Royal Foun- tain Hotel, at five minutes to nine ; and the usual demonstrations of respect were made throughout the journey. The party reached the Paddington terminus of the Great Western Railway at twenty minutes past three : whence they were conveyed by a special train to Slough, and thence in carriages and under an escort to Windsor ; arriving at twenty minutes past four.

The Queen has quite recovered her health ; and has walked occa- sionally on the slopes with Prince Albert. The Dutchess of Kent arrived at Frogmore on Monday, from Can- ford House ; where she has been staying on a visit to the Queen Dowager. Her Royal Highness has been a daily visitor at the Castle. The Archduke Frederick of Austria arrived on Tuesday, and remained till Friday. Sir Henry Wheatley, Sir Robert Peel, Sir Charles Metcalfe, and the Earl of Aberdeen have also visited at the Castle.

Prince Albert went out shooting in the preserves with the Archduke on Wednesday ; and on Thursday they hunted with the harriers.

Prince Albert accompanied the Archduke to town, yesterday morn- ing, by special train on the Great Western Railway, attended by a nu- merous party from the Castle: they all went to the cattle-show, and escorted the Archduke to Mivart's Hotel. The Prince and his suite went to see the new Chapel Royal, building at Buckingham Palace, and returned to dinner at Windsor.

The Dutchess of Gloucester left town on a visit to the Duke of Wel- lington, at Strathfieldsaye, on Tuesday ; and the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, with the Princess Augusta and Princess Mary, and the Hereditary Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, arrived at the Duke of Wellington's seat from Badminton. The Cambridge family and the Grand Duke returned to Kew yesterday ; and the Dutchess of Gloucester to her town residence.

Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar arrived at Marlborough House, on Saturday, from the Continent ; and proceeded, on Sunday, to join his regiment, the Grenadier Foot Guards, at Winchester.

On dit in quarters whose information may be relied on, that the most interesting event to her Majesty's liege subjects will take place early in March next. This will consequently make the London season short and late, as the levees and drawing-rooms at St. James's Palace will not be held till after the accouchement of the Queen.— Globe.

It is stated in the Court Circular that the Queen will not visit Brigh- ton this year.