10 DECEMBER 1842, Page 9



The Funds have not fluctuated materially during the week, neither has any business of importance occurred in them. The books of the two principal Stocks (Three per cent Console and New Three-and-a-half per Cents) being shut, money transactions are confined to the other and less important descrip- tion of funds, and are consequently on a more limited scale than when business in the two other securities is of daily occurrence. Money continues abundant, and the demand occasioned by the revival of trade does not appear likely to affect immediately, in any very great degree, the prices of the Public Funds. The impulse imparted by the last intelligence from the East continues : but the Sugar-market is dull, in consequence of the reported conclusion of a com- mercial treaty with Brazil ; Brazilian sugar to be admitted for consumption at a duty of 30s. per hundredweight, and a reduction of the duty upon British Plantation Sugar of 10s. per hundredweight to take effect at the same time. The question of the reduction of the Three-and-a-half per Cents has ceased to be agitated for the present. The purchasers of Reduced Three-and-a-half per Cents, to which we alluded last week, forced that stock up 101; which quota- tion has been since well supported.

The premium upon Exchequer Bills has experienced an extraordinary de- cline: on Tuesday the broker usually employed by the Court of Bankruptcy sold 90,0001., and the _premium, which bad been 52s., fell to 45s. It has since rallied again, in consequence, we believe, of some large purchases by the Bank- broker, and closes to-day at 51s. to 53s. In the Foreign Market, the reported commercial treaty with Brazil has caused an advance in the price of Brazilian Bonds, in which several bargains have occurred at 70. With this stock the value of the Portuguese Five per Cents 1836, or Goldsmid's Portuguese, has also advanced ; and these latter bonds have been done at 60, being an advance of 10 per cent upon the last price at which business occurred. The arrival of 32,000 dollars on account of the Mexican Dividends did not produce any effect upon the value of the stock which has been steady between 30/ and 31. The amount of Mexican Stock now in existence is upwards of 5,200,000!. bearing an interest of 5 per cent : and the annual amount required to provide for the payment of the dividends is up- wards of 260,000/, or nearly 1,300,000 dollars; so that, to insure the punctual payment of the dividend, a monthly remittance of more than 100,000 dollars is required. The transactions in Spanish Stock have been more extensive than usual; but though some large and influential purchases have occurred, they have not led to any material advance in price: the market closes, how- ever, at an improvement this afternoon, the Five per Cent Active being 18* a, and the Three per Cents 23* 1. We cannot notice any fluctuation or business of importance in Portuguese Stock. The other Foreign Funds are without any material alteration. The Railway Shares are generally in demand : it would be tedious to go into an enumeration of individual improvement ; but, with a few exceptions, prices are considerably higher than those last quoted. The speculative sales of Brighton Shares have been so extensive that it is Mond impossible to deliver the amount sold : several amounts have, consequently, been bought in, and it

Almost impossible to buy for immediate delivery.

SATURDAY, FOUR o'Clacw. The English Funds close at an advance of a per cent ; Consols for Account being MI 4. Reduced Three-and-a-half per Cents have been done at 101. Bank Stock has also improved 1 per cent ; and after being quoted at 1731, is last marked at 173. Exchequer Bills are the same. No business of importance has occurred in the Foreign Market, and prices are generally the same as in the morning. The transactions in the Railway Shares have been rather numerous; and the following bargains have occurred since the morning. Birmingham and Derby, 41 ; Eastern Counties, New, 101 ; ditto, Debentures, 101; Great Western, 90; ditto, New, 64; ditto, Fifths, 81; Brighton, 35$; Blackwell,


The English Funds rye a per cent below the closing prices of yesterday— Consols for Account being offered at 931. There have been but few transac- tions, and the decline has not been occasioned by any operation of importance. Exchequer Bills are the same. The only variation in the Foreign market is in the price of Spanish Stock ; which, in consequence of the intelligence from France, is from * to a per cent lower : Active Fiveper Cents being 17/ 18, and the Three per Cents 23 #.

The transactions in Railway Shares have been confined to the following : Eastern Counties, 8a # ; Great Western, Fifths, 9; Manchester and Leeds, Quarter Shares, 5*; Northern and Eastern, Scrip, 1011 a; York and North Midland, 93f.

Northern and Eastern, 36 ; Paris and Ronan. and Dover, Scrip, 18; York and North Midland,.

shut 931 4

Colombian 6 per Cents

Danish 3 per Cents

214 f 82 3

994 I

Dutch 21 per Cents 521 3

1001 101

Mexican 5 per Cents Coned .

301 1 shut

Portuguese Regency 5 per Cts 38 4

173/ 3 Ditto New 5 per Cents 1891. 32 4.

51 3

Ditto 3 per Cent s

224 3

press 51 3

Russian 5 per Cents

112 113


Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents. 171 18 70

Ditto 3 per Cents 1812

231 4

102 3

The average of the liabilities and assets of the Bank of England for the thirteen weeks ending the 3d instant, exhibits as compared with the return of list month a decrease upon every item, with the exception of the bullion. The Circulation has decreased 341,0001., the Deposits 115,000/, the Securities 724,0001., while the Bullion has increased 195,0001. As compared with the corresponding return of last year, there is an increase in the circulation of 2,930,000/. • the present average being 19,562,000/, against an amount in 1841 of 16,632,000/. The deposits have increased 1,009,0001., via. from 7,948,0001. in 1841 to 8,957,000/. The amount of bullion has more than doubled ; tba present return being 9,984,0001., against 4,779,000/. • while the seoulties have been diminished by 1,470,000/., Rom 4.4,68o,000it to 21,210,0001.

251 26 251; South-eastern 51 ; Birmingham, 190 189 ; 94a 3a.

3 per Cent Consols

Ditto for Account 3 per Ceut Reduced

31 per Cent Ditto

New 31 per Cents .

Bank Stock Exchequer Bills 21d Ditto 2d ludic Stock /heathen 5 per Cents Belgian 5 per Cents