10 DECEMBER 1842, Page 9

The French telegraph conveys important intelligence from Cata- lonia; probably,

however, heightened in its colouring by the medium through which it passes. It should be premised, that there are in Barcelona Roads the Rodney and Formidable. British war-ships; and they are to be joined by the Cyclops and the Inconstant : the French have there the Gemappes, the brig Meleagre, and the steamers Etna, Gassendi, and another : but it is said that those vessels are only to maintain a strict neutrality- " Perpignan, 4th December. " There was some agitation in Valentin in the public mind on the 27th. Teruel has formed a provisional Junta; and at Vinare there has been a public insurrection." " Perpignan. 5th December. " The accounts from Perthuis (frontier) state that the bombardment of Bar- celona commenced at eleven on the morning of the 3d. The firing continues, and the people say that before they will surrender they will hoist the French " Catalonia is rising en masse, and is about to help Barcelona. -"The militia of Gerona and of Figueras have marched off. The arrival of The English vessels of war had exasperated the people.

" This is confirmed by the conductor of a diligence just arrived from Figue- ass, who all along the road heard the people crying out, Down with Espar- tero, down with the English ! Vine in France ' "