10 DECEMBER 1842, Page 9

The Standard this evening gives some further explanation respecting the

refusal of France to ratify the Slave-trade treaty. The retractation was justified on the ground that the principle of the late treaty between Great Britain and the United States ought to be made the basis of a treaty with France; and the Count accompanied the requisition to close the protocol of December 1841 with a demand for the abrogation of the treaties of 1831 and 1833. Lord Aberdeen replied, that the United States furnished no precedent for France, because by their constitution they cannot concede the mutual right of search, and the late treaty with them involved a real advance on their part ; that the British people had made great sacrifices to attain an object of which the treaties of 1831 and 1833 formed one of the securities ; and that if the French Government proceeded violently to the abrogation of those treaties, it would be the duty of Ministers to advise the recall of the British Ambassador from Paris.