10 DECEMBER 1859, Page 18


THE HISTORY OF TICE COMMERCIAL CRISIS OF 1857-58, by Mr. D. Morier Evans, besides treating its special subject with great fulness of detail, reviews the several panics which have occurred since the remark- able epoch of 1825, and thus becomes a general narrative of the finan- cial history of the country for more than the last quarter of a century.

Departing from the universal practice of Scottish ecclesiastical his- torians, who omit all mention of Papal times, Mr. Cunningham begins his CHURCH HISTORY OF SCOTLAND from the first introduction of Chris- tianity into the kingdom, alleging, with much apparent reason, that it is impossible to understand the period subsequent to the Reformation with- out knowing something of that prior to it. The Reformation, though more complete in Scotland than in any other country in the world, could not, he says, root out every old idea, carry away every ancient land- mark, or make the Scotch an entirely different people from what they were before. "The key to many things in their character and history is to be sought for in ante-Reformation times." The acuteness and novelty of this and other views which we find expressed in the preface dispose us to augur favourably of the body of the work. Considering the extraordinary development of the ecclesiastical element in Scotland, and the degree in which it has modified the civil and social history of the kingdom, we are prepared to receive as a valuable contribution to political science a work in which the ecclesiastical history of Scotland shall be treated with adequate research and in a philosophical spirit.

A valuable addition has been made to the printed materials for the political and personal history of our own century, in the two volumes of the DIARIES AND CORRESPONDENCE OF THE RIGHT HONOURABLE GEORGE ROSE, published this week by Mr. Bentley.

The first volume of the long-expected ArromoonArny or A &Altar; (Lord Dtmdonald) has at last appeared. It brings the history of one of England's worst-used worthies down to the date of April, 1809.

THE STORY OF NEW ZEALAND has been published by Mr. Murray in two handsome volumes of medium size, with numerous illustrations. The author, Dr. Thomson, is, we believe, the writer of the very in- teresting article on New Zealand which appeared in the last number of the Quarterly Review.

Dictionaries are a class of books not usually esteemed light reading, but no intelligent man were to be pitied who should find himself shut up on a rainy day, in a lonely house, in the dreariest part of Salisbury Plain, with no other means of recreation than that which Mr. Wedgwood's DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH ETYMOLOGY COIIld afford him. He would reedit through from cover to cover at a sitting, and only regret that he had not the second volume to begin upon forthwith. It is a very able book, of great research, full of delightful surprises, a repertory of the fairy tales of linguistic science.

Has Dr. Charles Mackay forsworn his national motto, Nemo me im- pune lacessit ? A horrible outrage has been committed upon him, and, strange to say, with his own consent. A poem of his, of no great merit, called THE WHLSKY DEMON, has been reprinted in quarto with hideous illustrations, pertaining to that style of art which is seen in the pictorial libels on the medical profession that emanate from the 'British College of Health.

THE RELTGUES OF FATHER PROUT, a Work which in any natural clas- sification of literary productions must have a whole order to itself, has been added by Mr. 13Ohn to his Standard Library. Such another won- derful combination of wit, humour, fancy, learning, and literary con- juring is not to be found in any volume extant; and all this "joy for ever 's may be bought for the price of "The Great Tribulation."


The History of the Commercial Crisis, 1847-58, and the Stock Exchange Panic of 1859. By D. Moder Evans.

The Church History of Scotland from the Commencement of the Christian Era to the Present Century. By the Rev. John Cunningham, Minister of Crieff. In two volumes.

The Diaries and Correspondence of the Bight Honourable George Bose con- taining Original Letters of the most distinguished Statesmen of his Day. Edited by the Rev. Leveson Vernon Harcourt. In two volumes.

Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. A Biography. By James Craigie Robert- . son, M.A., Canon of Canterbury.

The Autobiography of a Seaman. By Thomas, tenth Earl of Dundonald, G.C.B. Volume I.

A Dictionary of English Etymology. By Hensleigh Wedgwood, M.A., late Fellow of Christ College, Cambridge. Volume I. A—D. • Civil Correspondence and _Memoranda of Field-Marshal Arthur Duke of Wel- lington, £0. Edited by his Son, the Duke of Wellington, K.G. Ireland (from March 30,1807, to April 12, 1809).

The Story of New Zealand : Past and Present—Savage and Civilized. By Arthur S. Thomson, M.D. In two volumes.

The Whisky Demon ; or, the Dream of the Reveller. By Charles Mackay. Illustrated by Watts Phillips.

Seven Years, and other Tales. By Julia Kavanagh. In three volumes.

The Home and the Priest. An Italian Tale. By Girolamo Volpe. In three volumes.

A Tale of Two Cities. By Charles Dickens.

The Day of Small Things. By the Author of "Mary Powell."

Elementary Geometrical Drawings. Part I. Designed for the use of Students preparing for the Military Examination. By Samuel H. Winter.

Physiology of Education: comprising a compendious Cycloptedia of Mental, Moral, and Social Facts. By Wm. M. Wooler.

Ulf the Minstrel, or the Princess Diamonducky and the Hazel Fairy : a Dragon Story for Christmas. By Robert B. Brough.

Chronicles of an Old English Oak; or Sketches of English Life and History, as reported by those who listened to them. Edited by Emily Taylor. Out and About : a Boy's Adventures. Written for Adventurous Boys. By Hain Friswell. With Illustrations by George Cruikshank.

The World of Ice ; or, Adventures in the Polar Regions. By Robert Michael Ballantyne. With Illustrations.

Tales froin " Bentley." Volume II.

An Advanced Beading Rook for Adult and other Schools. Lessons in English History. By C. W. Jones, M.A.


The Religues of Father Front, late P.P. of Watergrasshill, in the county of Cork, Ireland. Collected and arranged by Oliver Yorke, Esq. (Rev. Francis Mahony). Illustrated by Alfred Croquis, Esq. (D. Maelise, EA.). Re- vised and largely augmented.

Notes on Noses.

The Hellenics of Walter Savage Landor ; comprising Heroic Idylls, &c. En- larged. Memoirs of Early Italian Painters, and of the Progress of Painting in Italy, from Cimabue to Bassano. By Mrs. Jameson. Revised throughout by the Author, with much additional matter.

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. By Lord Byron. The Shilling and the Sixpenny Editions.