10 DECEMBER 1859, Page 20

The Christmas Oratorios have began. Mr. Ilullah gave Elijah on

Wednesday evening at St. Martin's Hall, which was filled literally to overflowing; and The Messiah was given by the Sacred Harmonic Society last night, at Exeter Hall.

An autobiography of the illustrious Spohr has been found among his papers, and its speedy publication is announced. The opera buffs, ljn Curios° accidents," improperly announced as a new work of Rossini until the composer himself interfered to stop the falsehood, has been produced at the Theatre nation, and turned out a complete failure. It proves to be mere patchwork, made up of things taken from his juvenile and forgotten operas, strung together to form the music of a very stupid piece. In this discreditable affair Rossini had no hand ; though we should have thought that his great influence would have been sufficient (had he used it) to prevent the manager from perpe- trating so paltry a catchpenny job. We are not guilty of any indiscretion in informing our musical readers (for the announcement has been publicly made already) that our charm- ing countrywoman, Miss Dolby, is about to become Madame Sainton.