10 DECEMBER 1859, Page 9



Contrary to the statements from quarters usually well-informed, a Paris correspondent of the Independance of Brussels states that all the letters from Turin agree in declaring that Count Cavour is to attend the Congress as the Plenipotentiary of King Victor Emmanuel.

The Swiss Confederation, according to the Conetitutionnel, has asked admission to the forthcoming Congress, on the ground of the old es- tablished relations between Switzerland and Savoy. The Federal Coun- cil believes that in the proposed reorganization of the States of Central Italy, the provinces of Chablais and Faucigny must be the object of a new consideration.

A letter from a friend in Italy furnishes a passage which will interest our readers. Although not of a date so recent as the latest news, it con- tains some facts and opinions still fresh and new.

"Bologna, 2d December, 1859.

"I was at Modena yesterday with General Fanti, the Commander-in- Chief. That little city is so full of soldiery of all arms, that it was with difficulty I could get a bed. There are 450 Hungarian cavalry there com- manded by Count Bethlen. Our entire army of Parma, Modena, Tuscany, and Bologna amounts to about 52,000 men and by taking the contingents from Tuscany, &c., we could raise it to 80,000 men. Of course I do not in- clude the Sardinian army, which is being continually strengthened for the eventualities of next spring. I was with a distinguished officer last night, at Modena, who has just purchased in France and Piedmont 700 excellent horses. The Italians to a man abhor the Pope and his rascally system. You in England have no notion of their hatred to St. Peter's successor. Mark my words,—diplomacy will do nothing for Italy. We know it, and prepare. Money is not wanting, and although Garibaldi has left us tem- porarily, his sword will cut the knot in the spring."