10 DECEMBER 1859, Page 9

The half-yearly meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society was held

yesterday afternoon Colonel Challoner in the chair. Mr. Brandreth Gibbs, acting secretary, read the report; from which we learn that "the Society consists, at the present time, of 79 life governors, 128 annual governors, 933 life members, 4082 annual members, 18 honorary mem- bers, making a total of 5240 members, or an increase of 79 names since the last half-yearly meeting. The funded property of the Society amounts to 10,000/. stock, standing in the names of the trustees, in the New Three per Cents." The Council are pained to report that they had to suspend and ultimately dismiss Mr. Hudson, their secretary, for a mis- appropriation of moneys ; and in his place they have elected Mr. Hall Dare. The next meeting of the Society will be at Canterbury on the 9th of July, 1860. The Council have determined that the live stock shall all be in the yard the afternoon of Saturday, the 7th of July, which will allow of their recovering from the fatigue of the journey to the show, previous to the judges commencing their inspection on the Monday following. There- port was adopted. Subsequently the chairman said that the finances had never been so flourishing as they are now. They are able to perform the unprecedented feat of paying all their Christmas bills, and still retain a balance of from 800/. to 1000/.