10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 19

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] Sm,—Lt.-Col. A. C. Myers

is no emotional alarmist when he warns us (December 3rd) that, until some surrender of sovereignty, some "give-and-take," is made by Governments, and an international tribunal of justice, with a centralised force, to adjust the status quo, and to end aggression and war, is established, no European can be sure he will not be bombed any night without knowing the reason why.

If Colonel Myers's suggestion is sound (as I assume and believe), that only a general world-settlement, made with wide vision of the tremendous questions at issue, can suffice (Europe, Africa, and Asia being all clamant)—then no honest relation- ship (League or other) is possible for that great end on any other basis than justice, loyalty, and (in final need) force.

A majority of nations, truly loyal to their Covenant, would be infinitely preferable to an all-inclusive League on which just men cannot depend. Universality is not all, nor even worth while, if disloyal to justice and the Covenant-bond. After all, all aggressors combined hold less than a quarter of all the resources in men, money, metals, and minerals held by the

combined majority.—Yours truly, ERNEST A. CAVE. The Laurels, Ickenham.