10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 2

M. Delbos' Tour The French Foreign Minister, M. Delbos, has

concluded his visit to Warsaw and moved on to Bucharest. His talks with Polish Ministers are said to have yielded no tangible results, which, all things considered, is just as well. Europe is still in a restive and restless state, and any marked diplomatic success on one side is apt to cause agitation on the other. What is wanted is not diplomatic successes but a general appeasement and growth of cordiality. Lord Halifax's visit to Berlin began that process, the talks with M. Chautemps and M. Delbos in London continued it, and M. Delbos in Warsaw appears to have done just what it was most necessary to do. The value of the Franco-Polish alliance of 1921—still in force—has been reaffirmed, the possibility of Polish emigration into French colonies has been sym- pathetically discussed, and M. Delbos has no doubt attempted, apparently with no great success, to persuade his hosts to settle their frontier dispute with Czechoslovakia. No German suspicions appear to have been aroused, and Baron von Neurath gave an auspicious start to his French colleague's journey by going to the station to pay him a brief courtesy- visit as he passed through Berlin. M. Delbos' visit to Rumania falls inconveniently on the eve of a General Election, and his conversations must necessarily be mainly with Ministers who may not be Ministers in a month or two's time. But while that may diminish, it will certainly not destroy, the value of the visit.