10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 2

The Supreme Court of India The inauguration of the new

Federal Court of India at Delhi on Monday marks one more step towards the full application of the new Government of India Act. The provinces having attained autonomy, it is necessary that a Court shall exist qualified to rule on any differences between them, just as the Supreme Court at Washington does on differences between the States of the American Union. Hitherto such disputes have been settled by executive decision. The creation of a Court to deal with them is a definite con- stitutional advance, and is recognised as such throughout India. The new central judicature cannot fail, at the same time, to exercise a unifying influence. Its composition—a distinguished British jurist is its chairman, with two distin- guished Indian jurists as his colleagues—denotes the co-opera- tion between Great Britain and India which must continue for an undefined period yet ; the Court will no doubt in due time consist of Indian judges only. Meanwhile, its creation sets India in one important sphere on the same footing as the Dominions, and cordial messages from the Lord Chancellor of England" and 'the Chief Justices of Canada and Australia were a fitting and welcome feature of Monday's ceremony. -