10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 22

[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—It was distressing to

read the article by your contributor, "The Voice of under Thirty—VI," who found life so futile, so hopeless, so depressing. If we can find no Purpose, no Design in life, if there is no goal toward which a God of Love, Wisdom and Righteousness is leading us, and toward which we can joyfully co-operate (and even see in pain and distress the lesson of our own free-will, and a purpose for our better growth), then, indeed, life must be futile. But the Christian believes there is a Purpose in the universe, a God of love and justice behind all things, and therefore, we see in this seemingly (to your contributor) depressing world, an opportunity for joyful co-operation, and a Divine Presence seeking to make all things good. In this connexion I should like to call attention to a helpful series of books (The "Needs of To-day" Series, published by Rich and Cowan), which aims at helping to elucidate just some of these difficult problems of life. There are such titles as Can We Believe in God ?, Does God Matter For Me ?, What is the Purpose of Life ?, all written by competent authorities.—