10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 3

Brighter Cricket The recommendations of the Commission appointed by the

M.C.C. to investigate the problems confronting first- class county cricket are more radical than was generally expected. The .authoritative bodies in the cricketing world have still to pass judgement on them. Once more it is sug- gested that the scoring system be altered, and this is the reform most likely to affect the general public. Twelve points, instead of 15, have to be awarded for a win and none to a team drawing the match but behind on the first innings. (As things are, points are divided in such .a case.) In so-far as this will encourage. the finishing of games and the promotion of brighter cricket. it will be welcomed by all. Another recommendation would re.51uce the nuatber of counties competing in. the championship from 17 to 15, in order to provide time for. more trial..and -special matches. It is further recommended that a fund be established from the surplus receipts of test and trial matches, and administered, by the M.C.C. for the benefit of" necessitous first class counties." If these recom- mendations are adopted it is likely that the interests of the Spectators and enthusiasts will be served no less than the interests of the game and of the players.