10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 48



THE latest annual report of Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) gives good results for the year ended September 30th last, indicating increased earning power and also increased trade activity in South Africa. The profits, indeed, establish a fresh high record, the figures for the year being £431,209 as compared with k401,192 in the previous year. The directors, therefore, who have throughout main- tained a conservative policy in the matter of distributing profits, have now been able to raise the final dividend on the "A" and "B " 'shares • from 3 per cent. to 34 per cent., thus raising the total dividend for the year from- 54 per cent. to 6 per cent. The allocation to the Reserve is increased from k75000 to kioopoo, -while the carry-forward of £134,320 also marks an increase. Trade activity is shown in the balance- sheet„ where the holdings of cash and money at call are down by £3,000,000; there is an increase of £3,800,000 in advances and nearly £800,000 in acceptances.

* * *