10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 50


• In view of the good results achieved during the past year, it is scarcely surprising that at this week's annual meeting of Dorman Long and Co., the Chairman, Lord Greenwood, should have ventured upon some comparisons between present conditions and those which- .existed during the* time of the, trade shiny iii "1932. As-compared with that date, the-numbers employed by the group have increased by over i7,000, while some idea of the growth which has taken place in the output may. be gathered from the fact that tcird Greenwood stated that the rises ranged from 65 per cent. for Coal to 171 per cent

(Continued on page 1686.) FINANCIAL NOTES (Continued from page 1084.) for pig iron and 177 per cent. for steel ingots. Lord Green- wood made some encouraging statements concerning present conditions as regards orders.