10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 6

* * * * Herr Hitler's speech last week on

the new Berlin which it is his ambition to construct, "the eternal capital of the German Volk," has, it seems to me, a significance to which no one has yet drawn attention. The project is immense, and peculiarly dear to the Fiihrer's own heart. A twenty- year building programme is in prospect. Now you do not start to deal in that way with a city which you think at any moment might be the object of bombardment by any or all of two or three different enemies. The inference is that Herr Hitler does not believe in an air-war, which means that he does not believe in a war. It also suggests that he has found one way at any rate of providing employment as rearmament slackens off. There may not be a great deal in these assumptions, but I think there is something.

* * * *