10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 6

Miss Bapsy Pavry and Dr. Jal Pavry have returned to

Bombay from London after visiting Germany, Belgium, Greece, and Egypt, where they were received by Herr Hitler and the monarchs of the three countries.

But that is not all. I have been making investigations. Miss B. P. is a graduate of Bombay and of Columbia. She is the daughter, I am informed, of a High Priest (Parsee) of Bombay. (Dr. Jal Pavry is her brother.) She has travelled a great deal, always seeing the right people everywhere. In 1924 she went to America and was received by President _ Coolidge. In 1926 she went to Rome and was received by the Pope. In 1928 she came to England and was received by Their Majesties King George and Queen Mary. In 1934, dropping in at Rome again, she was received by Signor Mussolini. She has been received by the Shah of Iran. She has been received by the King of Afghanistan. If she comes back to this country, I will think about receiving her myself.