10 DECEMBER 1937, Page 6

This story of the expulsion of Reuter's correspondent at Belgrade,

Mr. H. D. Harrison, from JugoSlavia, on the ground that he transmitted to foreign countries a statement that a Mickey Mouse comic strip in a Belgrade paper had been banned because it bore on national politics, Is a sinister commentary on the methods of totalitarian States. The statement appears to have been true. Mr. Harrison's duty was to report it ; he would have been failing in his duty if he had not reported it. What action Reuter's intend to take I have not enquired. It can no more replace its corre- spondent than The Times replaced Mr. Ebbutt when he was expelled from Germany. It is a temptation to suggest that British newspapers as a whole should reply by excluding all news of Jugoslavia from their cobimns, but that is a policy that would need to be considered from several-angles.