10 FEBRUARY 1838, Page 10

Blackwood's last number has two elaborate articles on Canada, com-

prising more than sixty columns. One of the difficult things attempted to be proved in one of them is, that the timber monopoly is an advantage to this country. We are charged, on account of our exposure of the nuisance, with stating that the duty on Me value of timber was higher by 600 per cent. on Baltic than Canada timber. What we really said was, that the discriminating duty was higher on the one than the other by the above proportions, or that the duty is generally about sixfold as great on Baltic as on Canadian timber ; which, if the writer in Blackwood knows any thing at all about the subject, he must know to be strictly true. The absurdity of reckoning the rate of duty ad valorem, when the one commodity is forced up beyond its natural price, and the other pressed down by the operation of so enormous a difference in the duty, never occurred to us ; and consequently this view of the subject is not even alluded to in our article. Honest Blackwood!