10 FEBRUARY 1838, Page 10

It is rumoured that many of the Tories think their

party committed a blunder in allowing the Canada Bill to pass. They will not soon have such another opportunity of defeating Ministers on Liberal ground. To the discovery of this nriistake is attributed the manifestation on Thursday night in the House of Lords. But the Duke had pledged himself to the bill, as well as Sir ROBERT; so it was too late to take up a different position. Indeed it would not accord with the long-sighted policy of the responsible leaders of the party to turn out the Whigs, just yet. By his present course, Sir Ronsax PEEL hit damaging his opponents, and strengthening his own party, systematically and surely ; thereby laying the foundation for a longer term of office when the time comes for taking it. The more eager Tories, and the small fry of office-hunters, are impatient; but they are curbed by their cautious and calculating chiefs.