10 FEBRUARY 1838, Page 10



The Consol Market has evinced a tendency to decline, and was at one period per cent. below the quotation of last week, but then, as on every other similar occasion, the capitalists rushed into the market to purchase, and it has to-day recovered the whole amount of the fall. Indian Stock is lower, being quoted at 2636. Bank Stock has also experienced a decline of 26 per cent., having been 203, but has recovered, and is now 2041. The discussions which are going on respecting the affairs of this corporation must lead to considerable fluctuations in the price of the stock. Exchequer Bills and India Bonds have have remained steady ; we cannot quote many transactions in the latter, as there are so few of these securities in the market that the price must be considered nominal. The unmarked Bonds have been done to-day at 14s. prem. The Northern Continental Stocks have been steady within u trifle of our last quotations. Russian Bonds have been done at 1114 and II2i.

A decline of more than 1 per cent. has occurred in Brazilian ; which has been as tow as 73, but has again recovered to 736 74. We are not aware of any intelligence having been received from Rio Janeiro to which this depres- sion may be referred, and believe it to be only a reaction of the market.

Spanish Stock was on Tuesday per cent, below our last prices, viz. 18h ; and though the price has slightly recovered, the market is still heavy, and in no condition to support any extensive sale.

Portuguese Securities are also in a like predicament, although they are quoted to.day a shade higher than yesterday.

The business in the Peninsular Stocks has, however, been unimportant, and they seem gradually losing the interest which as vehicles for speculation they have so long excited. The South American Bonds are, however, gaining favour. A report of the intended shipment of dollars by the Columbian Government has caused an ad- vance in the price of the Bonds, which have risen from 246 to 261.

Mexican are also higher, being quoted at 276 28.

The business in the Railway Shares has been principally confined to the Brighton and Blackwell, both of which have declined ; but the latter only have improved and risen beyond the point from which they fell. The Manchester and Birmingham are not in so great demand as they were ; a creation of new shares to the extent of one-fifteenth having induced the country holders to sell. The prices of the heavier description of Shares are, however, well maintained, and the demand loon Lancashire may, with few exceptions, be said to continue. w business or material fluctuation this morning; and the .1;-Suet absence of our usual French mail or any other Foreign intelligence,


prices of all descriptions of Stock are consequently nearly the same as yesterday. The only variation that has occurred in the Railway Shares has been in the Blackwell, which are higher. Commercial being 36 i, and old Blackwall q i . London and Birmingham 73 73 prem.; Do. Southampton 106 96 dis. ; Nes; Ditto ditto 146 156 preiu. ; Greenwich 166 176 ner Share; Manchester and Birmingham 1 1/1 prem.; Eastern Counties le li ills.

— Brazilian 5 per Cents ' 73i 74

Danish 74 Dutch St per Cents 53a a Portuguese Regency 5 p. CI, 27* i Ditto 3 per Cent. 17i lea Russian( (s-22)3 per Cent 112 1121 , spgnigli (ISM 3 per Cent 191 19 Deferred ,:toek 7 Passive Ditto 44 3 per Cent. Consols 911 i Ditto for Account 91f i

3 per Coot. Reduced 92i

New 34 per Cent. Anne 934 t

Bunk Stock 204 i

In liaStock 263i

Ditto Bonds 55 7 pm. Exchequer Hills 53 7 pin. Belgian 5 per Cents 102