10 FEBRUARY 1838, Page 17



Narrative of the Ilesidenee of the Persian Princes in London. in 1835 and 1838; with an Account of their Journey Hum Persia, and subsequent Adventures. Be James HaiIlie F . Esq.. Author of " 'novels in Kliorasnn,"" The Kuzzilliash,"

Vic Persian Adventurer," 8,:e. In 2 vole Beaky.

Scsiercm•r. IrerearnsT•Tuuc.

Dr. -1111).n on the Law of Christ respecting Civil Obedience, espesially in the Pay- ment of Tribute. Part II. On the l'avment of Tribute.

Perms, gimp/amend Marshall ; Paterson. Edinburgh. Tales aud Sketches of the Scottish Peasantry. By Ale:soder BetImue. Labourer. Orr and ; Fraser and Co., Edinburgh.