10 FEBRUARY 1838, Page 2

The Continental news has not improved in interest.

The French Deputies have not yet resolved finally whether they shall adopt any costume to distinguish them from the commonalty. They have decided that 240/. is a sufficient pension for the widow of General DAMREMONT ; though the Ministers asked for 4001., and the King was known to have pledged himself to the widow to obtain the larger sum : let him make up the difference out of his well-filled privy purse. It has been rumoured in Paris that ABD-ILACADIR has been appointed Regent of Algiers by the Sultan, and is again actively employed in providing future annoyance to the French in Africa. A good deal of interest is excited by the project of a railroad from Basle to Strasburg ; which would be important to France in a military point of view. It is said that the King of Bavaria has acquiesced in the proposed line, but that other German powers will oppose it.

Limns is said to be sure of his election for the sixth arron- dissement of Paris.