10 FEBRUARY 1838, Page 8


Dr. Murray, the Roman Catholic Archbishop, has addressed a letter to the Catholic portion of the working tradesmen of Dublin, admonish- ing them against the recent abuse of the system of combination. Even the Dublin Tory papers commend Dr. Murray for thus exerting, him- self to put down the outrages which have been committed, owing tO the combination system. Lord Lorton has addressed the following letter to the tenantryoa his Boyle and Rockingham estates-

" After a long and close residence of about thirty-eight years *menthe estate which devolved to me from my ancestors, and an expenditure of nearlt 300,0001. during that period, in the employment of the people, it is not pre- aumptunue in me to say that I must be well aware of the erne character of dm country, and the origin of all the misery and wretcheduese that pervades it. "Although no distinctions whatever have hitherto been made amongst the tenantry, arising from differences of religion, yet, most unhappily, such I° rumple for so many years },as not enlarged the min& and understandings of the people, so as to induce them to reject with abhorrence the vile and dreldful instructions no constantly administered to them, and which have occasioned acts that would disgrace cunntrics where the name of Jesus Christ has never

been heard. " Upon a full consideration of this dreadfill state of thine, I feel that it has become my duty, as landlord, to mark my detestation of hitch crimes ; and,


therefore in consequence of the savage and brutal murder of poor James Fair- bloke, I have directed my agent to call in every farthing of rent which may be due by the tenants in that pal•t of the county of Sligo ; and also to give notice that, as the leasee drop in, every man shall be at once ejected from the land he nOW holde, prari.kd a conviction of the murderers does not take place at the ler( general assizes. • ',‘ la conclusion, the tenantry upon every part of the estates are now informed that it is my determination to act in a similar mauner us helever barbarous out-

rages are committed, without such informal is given as will insure the con- viction of the offenders; who rely for safety upon a system of combined secrecy, which I am determined, as far as may he in my power, to eradicate. LORTON." By the late decision of the House of Lords, Lord Lorton succeeds to 6,0001. per annum in the county of Sligo, as also to the possession of a very considerable sum in ready money. In consequence of the demise of the late lamented Dowager Countess Rome, Lady Lorton also becomes entitled, remainder to her second son, the Honourable Hardman King, to a large estate in the county of Longford. 13y these events, we have reason to know the Conservative interest in Sligo will .receive an accession of from 60 to 70 votes.—Dublin Packet.