10 FEBRUARY 1838, Page 9

A. rumour has been circulated during the week, that Lord

Durham bus had a difference with Ministers on account of the premature pub- lication of Lord Glenelg'a instructions. But though it is probable etiough that Lord Durham was vexed by the Ministerial blunder, there is nothing like evidence of his having thrown up the appointment.

The Leeds Mercury contradicts a story that Mr. Macaulay, who is coming home from India, hoe turned Torts Perhaps Mr. Macaulay has become it Conservative Whig, like bird John Russell ; in which case, he will be qualified for admission into a Coalition Cabinet.

Sir William Nicolay, Governor and Cominander.in. Chief at the Mauritius, bus been recalled, it is said on the ground of the usual period of service having expired.

A report has prevailed in London for the last few days that Miss Angela Burdett, who has taken the name of Coutts, has done so rather prematurely. It is said that the late Dutchess of St. Alban's neglected to make a settlement of her property previously to her marriage, and that consequently the Duke of St. Alban's, notwith- standing any will which the Dutchess may have made, is legally en- titled to the enormous wealth bequeathed to Miss Burdett. —Bath Post. [It is no likely that the legal advisers of the female Caoesus com- mitted such an oversight.]