10 FEBRUARY 1849, Page 1

Leominster has returned for its representative in lieu of Mr.

Barkly, Mr. Frederick Peel, a son of Sir Robert. The new Member is the third of his generation in Parliament, and his election-speech promises well. If not ostentatious of originality, its arguments were neatly and closely applied. A certain tact in giving the handsomest look to all things, a sort of deferential in- dependence of manner, and a somewhat redundant facility not without considerable felicity of expression, smacked strongly of the paternal style. Opportunity lavishes its favours on the young man's entrance to the Legislature : name, station, influence, and occasion, court his judicious use of them ; his father's experience has been accumulated to chasten his constitutional foibles, his fa- ther's successes to animate his better genius : if he inherits a son's share of the father's faculties, his courage, and his true patriotism, he may start where the career of his father closes and yet add to the honours of his name.