10 FEBRUARY 1849, Page 10

An official announcement has appeared that the Royal Italian One=

at Covent Garden will open on the 10th of March; and a programme of the arrangements for the season is promised in a few days.

At Her Majesty's Theatre, not a mouse stirring! "Opera or no opera is becoming the question. It seems now to be all but certain that Jenny Lind will appear no more on the stage; and the on-dit most prevalent among musical quidnunc& is that the theatre will open with a series of concerts (some people cull them dramatic concerts) in which she will sing; that she will then make another tournee through the provinces; and finally, exchange her public career for a domestic life engagement. The name of the other party to that engagement is currently mentioned; but we forbear to repeat it, having little faith in the gossip always so rife on the whereabouts of the most interesting prima donna that has ever appeared in England.