10 FEBRUARY 1849, Page 9


STOOK EXCRANGI, FRIDAY ArrIZNOON; The tendency of the English Funds during the week has been steadily upwards A regular and almost daily improvement has taken place, until, in the course of today, Consols reached 93, being an advance of about per cent since Saturday A reaction of about f per cent occurred in the coarse of the afternoon; but the price improved again, and the closing quotation is 924 f, being within per cent of the highest. The chief cause of this advance has been the great plenty of money; capital being as abundant as ever. Another reason is to be found in the small amount of the sum for which the Government propose to take a vote on the score of Irish distress. It was rumoured at the beginning of the week that the amount required would be between 1,000,0001. and 2,000,0001.; and when it ap- peared that only 50,000/. will be at present required, a further impetus was given to the money-market. The triumph of the French Government is another ex- citing cause of advance: it is considered that there is now more hope of sta- bility than there has been for the last year.

In the Foreign Market, the better classes of Dividend Stock are in good de- mand. Russian Bonds have risen to 109, being an advance of between 4 and 5

r cent upon last week's prices. The Bonds of the Rossian Greek Loan are also on demand, in consequence of the annual purchases for the sinking, fund now taking place Dutch and the other European Securities are in demand at rather better prices. The movement noticed in our last report with respect to Spanish Bonds, has produced considerable effect upon the prices of both descriptions of that stock; the Three per Cents having risen to 30, and the Five per Cents Active to 174. A reaction from these points has since occurred; but the price of both has again improved, the closing quotations being 294 34 for the Three per Cents and 17i for the Active Stock. Portuguese Bonds are without material change. The dividend due on the 1st July 1847 is now in course of payment. The Agency have also given notice of the determination of the Government to issue Three per Cent Stock for 20 per cent deducted under the name of " decima " from the dividend due and paid in January 1847. Mexican Stock is steady within a trifle of our last quotations. The transactions in the Sotith American Bonds have been unim- portant. The Railway Market has been firm without any large business. Most of the more important varieties of Shares are from 11. to 21. or 31. higher than last week. 'The lesser Shares are also at improved prices. The French Shares, from the growing confidence in the stability of the present French Government, are also beginning to excite attention, and several purchases in them have been lately effected. The prices of almost all those current in this market are higher than they were last week.

The accounts of the Bank of England for the week ending the 31 February exhibit, when compared with those of the preceding week, the following results■--

BANKINd DEPARTMENT. Increase. Decrease.



The English Funds opened firmly, and are now at an advance of f per cent upon the closing quotations of yesterday. The Foreion Market is without change, except in the case of Spanish Bonds both varieties of which are in demand from the unwillingness of the jobbers to sell, the market having been almost entirely cleared of Stock. The Railway Shares are firm at yesterday's prices ; the follow- ing being the only bargains as yet recorded: Bristol and Exeter, Thirds, 20i; Crud. Northern, 94; York and Newcastle Extension, 214.

3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cent Reduced

931 1 931 f 94 i

Danish 3 per Cents Dutch 21 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents 65 8 484 501 79 80 31 per Cents

941 1

Mexican 5 per Cents 1846...

251 i

Long Annuities 9 1-16 New Grenada 151 Bank Stock 193 6 PorfugueseN.4perCents1842 25 6 Exchequer Bills 46 52 pm. Portuguese Old 1824 74 6 India Stock

Russian 5 per Cents 107 109 Brazillan 5 per Cents 79 80 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents 171 1 Belgian 44 per Cents 78 80 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 291 30 Buenos Ayres 256 Venezuela 19 21 Chilian 6 per Cents 836

Rest Public Deposits X88,518 44,659

Other DeNsits

£314,255 Seven-day and other Bills 31,984

Government Securities, Including Dead-weight

Other Securities

112,927 Notes unissued

84,88S Actual Circulation



Notes issued 14,975

Bullion 63,693

This week. Last week.

Total Bullion in both Departments 15,105,764


Actual Circulation 18,777,385 18,677,525